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At Bridgemill, our mission is to provide unparalleled medical care in a compassionate, family-friendly environment.  We understand that your pets are members of your family, and we approach every aspect of their care with that in mind.  

Bridgemill Animal Hospital is the lifelong dream of Dr. Janelle Brown.  From her early exploits patching up her stuffed animals, to her work for the animal shelter during her college years, and through her career as a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Brown has dreamed of building an animal hospital that combines a state of the art facility with the kind of one-on-one compassionate care that she believes every pet and their family deserves.

Dr. Brown's recent years consulting with veterinarians across the Carolinas, as well as providing relief assistance to dozens of area practices, give her a unique perspective on what works and what does not.  Dr. Brown is dedicated to bringing the industry's best practices in both veterinary medicine and client care to Bridgemill Animal Hospital.  Because Bridgemill is independently-owned, Dr. Brown and her staff are free to make medical decision based on what is best for you and your pets, without the restrictions often placed on corporate-owned practices.  We will always discuss all of your options, address all your concerns, and keep you well-informed every step of the way. We will treat you like family, and your pet like we treat our own.  

Bridgemill Animal Hospital


2024 Bridgemill Dr #100,
Indian Land, SC 29707


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