Preventative Healthcare

We offer wellness examinations, vaccinations, and health screening tests tailored to the special needs of each pet. Puppies and kittens are given pediatric exams designed specifically for our youngest patients. While many vaccinations are available, not all pets need every available vaccine. After consulting with you about your pet's lifestyle, our veterinarian tailors a vaccination plan specific to your pet.

For our feline patients, we carry a line of vaccines made specifically for cats to reduce the side effects seen with some previous vaccines. A strong preventative health care plan allows us to detect and treat problems promptly and provide continuing care thereby ensuring your pet lives its best life.

Heartworms still remain a serious health threat to dogs in our area. Therefore, we require annual heartworm testing. We highly recommend all our canine patients receive heartworm prevention. We are happy to discuss a heartworm prevention plan for your pet.

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